Finances of the G1000

Call for donations

The G1000 would have been dead letter without the hundreds of volunteers and the more than 3000 donators who contributed. This is an inspiring example of crowd-funding of a citizens’ initiative, organized and financed by citizens. We now need to finance the final phase of the G1000, which will convene a group of 32 citizens to work out practical policy recommendations based on the priorities set out on 11 November 2011. These recommendations will be submitted to the whole country on 11 November 2012.


The G1000 has been adopted by the Foundation for Future Generations.


The rules

(1) Each donation from 1 Euro upwards is very welcome; (2) Donations of 40 Euro and more (on an annual basis) are fiscally deductible; (3) If you support us through PayPal and wish to receive a fiscal attestation, we have to ask you to submit a donation of at least 44 Euro. In fact, PayPal withholds a commission that sinks donations of 40 Euro below the amount required for us to be able to deliver this attestation. (4) This organizations does not have media partners or sponsors. (5) Contributions by private persons, firms, organizations and governments are all accepted.


By bank transfer

Account number of the Foundation for Future Generations :


IBAN BE44 5230 8123 4545

Please use « Donation to the G1000 – FFG » as a structured message.


By credit card (Paypal)

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